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We are a family business and independent retailer who love everything about Coconut.


Our story begins…

Why we love Coconut

The products on our site were found whilst on a visit to France‘. We were really impressed with the quality of the product and the ethos of the Company.
So impressed that we decided to import them to the UK so that others could try for themselves.

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Certified Organic ( were specified) and Fairtrade food

Some of our
products include…


Coconut water: natural, pure and refreshing. It provides 5 types of essential minerals and is packed full of simple sugars. The perfect way to keep you hydrated and give you an energy boost. One pack contains around the equivalent of potassium found in 2 bananas


Coconut milk and cream: delicious and smooth, 100% vegan, enjoy on its own as a yummy drink or for cooking…..also tastes great over museli!


Coconut sugar: produced from the sap of cut flower buds of the coconut palm it is packed with essential nutrients and reported to be in the low GI food group


Coconut oil based soaps: silky and kind to your skin, let the lather transport you into a magical oriental spa.

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